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Membrane Module Design Engineer

Eclipse Hollow Fiber Membranes® is a new, innovative, and fast-growing product line developed by Markel Corporation. Based on a proprietary process for creating porous PTFE hollow fiber and tubular membranes, our membrane modules are finding strong demand for the most exacting membrane applications found in industry today. They are uniquely suited for separation and filtration applications where the greatest chemical stability, thermal stability, and chemical inertness are required. The unique properties of PTFE membranes coupled with Markel's patented fluoropolymer potting technology have created opportunities for membrane solutions where previously none existed.


Job Responsibilities:
• The design and manufacturing methods and sources for a family of modules and housings based on the market application and the appropriate assembly technology across a range of sizes from laboratory units to commercial scale offerings


• Merging the unique potting and assembly techniques developed at Markel with accepted industry design practices such as sanitary ratings for food and beverage applications and other market-specific requirements, paying special attention to design for assembly, design for manufacturability, and strategic sourcing of components to manage costs


• Optimization of manufacturing and assembly techniques to yield unique market specific designs that capitalize on proprietary potting and assembly technology


• Projecting and managing short and long term costs for the assembled module


• Assisting in the development of module assembly techniques to optimize quality and minimize cycle time and manufacturing costs


• Interaction with partners and customers as appropriate to influence design


Education/Experience Required:
• BS, MS or PhD in mechanical or chemical engineering, or equivalent

• Minimum 5 years experience in the design of commercial membrane modules and housings

• Demonstrated project management skills and excellent written and oral communication skills

• CAD experience necessary and CAM experience desirable


The successful candidate will work as part of a closely knit team including fiber design and development staff as well as those developing potting and assembly methods, and will report to the Vice President of Business Development. The compensation package will include a base salary commensurate with experience, participation in the company's annual bonus plan, and the company’s standard benefits program which includes participation in an ESOP.


Markel Corporation is a privately owned specialty fluoropolymer processing company located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, part of the greater Philadelphia area. Markel specializes in bringing fluoropolymer solutions to a wide array of markets including the chemical processing industry, food and beverage, automotive, environmental monitoring and remediation, wire and cable, and the telecommunications industries.