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Abrasion-Resistant Cable Liners

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Abrasion-Resistant Cable Liners

Markel Abrasion Resistant Cable Liners are used in the transportation and aircraft industries as protective sheaths for accelerator, clutch, brake, and transmission cables. Difficult cable routings and increasing temperatures in engine compartments require the use of PTFE based cable liners such as Markel AR-650™ Liner, QUIET LINER®, TEFLOCK® Liner, and WAVE LINER® Liner.


Markel abrasion-resistant control cable liners utilize PTFE, filled with a proprietary blend of hardened polymeric fillers, which yield liners that have anti-friction properties that deliver improved abrasion resistance and life cycle performance.


Markel Abrasion Resistant Cable Liners meet many of the global requirements as specified by GM, Ford, Chrysler, and SAE. They are often specified with an outer jacket for cable weight reduction and sound dampening.

Abrasion-Resistant Cable Liner Products

• AR-650™ Jacketed Control Cable Liner

• AR-650™ Heavy Duty Control Cable Liner

• QUIET LINER® Noise Reduction Control Cable Liner

• WAVE LINER® High Initial Efficiency Control Cable Liner

• TEFLOCK® Locked Jacket Control Cable Liner

Abrasion-Resistant Cable Liner Customization Options

Markel Abrasion Resistant Cable Liners can be customized to match your requirements for cost effectiveness and load requirements through a variety of patented and specialized PTFE/filler blends.


Jacketing materials for added cable strength and braided SS constructions are also available.

Contact your Markel Sales Representative for details regarding your application needs.