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low density, high velocity ptfe coaxial core

Hi-VeC® Low Density, High Velocity PTFE Coaxial Core

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Hi-Vec® Low Density, High Velocity PTFE Coaxial Core

Simply put, Markel Hi-Vec® low density, high velocity coaxial core is changing the face of the coaxial cable industry. The Markel Hi-Vec® product takes product performance to levels that are new to the world.


Markel precision Hi-Vec® expanded, extruded, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulated wire is supplied as a component to manufacturers of flexible and semi-rigid RF and microwave coaxial cables. The density of the dielectric can be varied to provide velocities of propagation (VoP) up to 92% and dielectric constant values to as low as 1.2. The conductors can be stranded or solid, silver or nickel plated copper or copper clad steel. Dielectric constant and physical dimension values are tightly controlled to meet the requirements of each finished cable specification for the wireless infrastructure market.


Markel Hi-Vec is opening doors for applications that have remained on the drawing board for want of a coaxial core that is capable of delivering the higher VoP’s with the ruggedness of a core that can handle the subsequent wrapping, jacketing, and connectorizing steps necessary to finish the cable.

Product and Design Options

Markel’s Hi-Vec® low density, high velocity coaxial core has changed the way the world views coaxial cable design. Hi-Vec® is not simply a product or a family of products, but an avenue to develop new-to-the-world coaxial cable designs.


Through its processing of the PTFE, Markel can not only alter the velocity of propagation and the dielectric constant, but through alterations in resin choice, processing conditions, and other process parameters make adjustments in other physical and electrical properties of the cable. Each cable manufacturer has unique requirements for cabling, adapting connectors, thermal characteristics, etc. Markel will work with you to adapt the Markel Hi-Vec® technology to your product concept.

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