High Performance Coaxial Core

ptfe coaxial core

High Performance PTFE Coaxial Core

Markel : PTFE Coaxial Core

PTFE Coaxial Core

Markel has been a world leader in the production of PTFE coaxial cable core designs. Since Markel only produces the core (the conductor and the dielectric) and not the cable itself, Markel does not compete with our customers and is able to create design partnerships with cable manufacturers.


To expand the possibilities of PTFE dielectric coaxial core, Markel introduced Marlon® low density PTFE coaxial core. The Marlon® family of products available as takes the velocity of propagation to 77%, and comes in a standard configuration as well as Marlon® Toughskin.


With Markel’s latest addition to the platform of PTFE coaxial core design, Hi-Vec® low density, high velocity PTFE coaxial core, Markel takes PTFE coaxial core to a level of performance previously unavailable in the market. Solid or stranded conductor, ranging from 32 ga to 10 ga, the Markel Hi-Vec® product is capable of Velocities of Propagation as high as 92% over a range of dielectric diameters.


For all the Markel PTFE coaxial cable cores, the conductors can be stranded or solid, silver or nickel plated copper, or copper clad steel. Dielectric constant values and physical dimensions are tightly controlled to meet the requirements of each finished cable specification for the wireless infrastructure market.