PTFE and Fluoropolymer Tubing

fluoropolymer tubing products by markel

FEP Tubing & Other Fluoropolymer Tubing

FEP Tubing and Other Fluoropolymer Tubing

As part of our general fluoropolymer processing expertise, Markel manufactures tubing and other profiles from a broad range of fluoropolymer resins. High temperature and chemically resistant, fluoropolymer tubing finds applications in the most aggressive of environments and demanding conditions. Applications include high temperature tubing, chemical transfer lines, ozone and ozonated water systems, strong acids and alkali systems, and applications requiring virtually no extractable compounds and materials that are chemically inert.

Depending on the application, tubing is available in PFA, MFA, FEP, ETFE, EFEP, THV, and PVDF.

Markel manufactures fluoropolymer tubing in standard tubing diameters ranging from 3/32 inches to 1.25 inches with special sizes available upon request.

Fluoropolymer Tubing Products

• PFA Tubing

• FEP Standard Tubing

• FEP High Performance Tubing

• Flexible PVDF Tubing

• Spiral Cut Fluoropolymer Tubing

Fluoropolymer Tubing Customization Options

Markel can provide extruded profiles with custom or proprietary designs in virtually any of the melt extrusion grade fluoropolymer resins. Markel can provide filled systems or colored extrusions on request. Please contact your Markel representative to discuss the details of your application