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UV Coils for Water Purification using fep tubing

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UV Coils for Water Purification Using FEP Tubing

Markel FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) coiled tubing has long been used in UV water purification systems.


FEP is translucent and is resistant to premature degradation at the critical 254nm UV wavelength, thus making it ideal for transporting water during the purification cycle.


Through its unique manufacturing process, Markel is able to provide coils that deliver the highest volume of water close to the UV bulb.

UV Coils for Water Purification Product and Design Options

• FEP Coiled Tubing for UV Water Disinfection Appliances


Markel offers a unique processing capability to provide coils in just the exact size to meet the requirements of any custom appliance design. Heavy wall pressure coils and minimum wall gravity feed coils can be made to fit into the most compact designs. The largest tube diameter to coil diameter ratios in the industry have been developed in the mass production of coils at Markel. This allows the greatest water flow close to the bulb for maximum UV radiation transmittance.


Cut lengths or bulk lengths of coiled tubing can be provided as needed.

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