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PTFE and Fluoropolymer Wire and Cable

Markel : Fluoropolymer Wire and Cable

PTFE Wire, High Temperature Wire & Cable

Markel offers many types of UL and CSA listed, high temperature wire. Markel has extensive plant capabilities to manufacture high temperature ETFE, FEP, PFA, and PTFE insulated wire.


This broad range of listings allows Markel to produce UL and CSA listed wire for commercial, automotive, and industrial applications such as: spark igniters, heaters, oxygen sensors, motor lead, and bus bar for constant wattage heater cable.

PTFE Wire, Fluoropolymer Wire and Cable Products

• PTFE Insulated Wire
• PFA Insulated Wire
• FEP Insulated Wire
• ETFE Insulated Wire
• Miscellaneous Insulated Wire
• PTFE Electrical Tubing
• Spiral Cut Fluoropolymer Tubing


For information on available styles, please see our data sheets.

PTFE and Fluoropolymer Wire and Cable Customization Options

Markel PTFE insulated wire can be provided with heavy metal free color pigments in the insulation and also in stripes. Custom printing can be provided on the surface of the insulation.


Packaging can be on spools or in drums.


Melt Fluoropolymer insulations can be provided in colors and with surface printing. Resins can be selected to provide high cut through strength, enhanced flexibility and special chemical resistance for the most economical solution.

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